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Upgrading of the purification plant of Acque dei Corsari

Upgrading of the purification plant of Acque dei Corsari

Palermo - Italy

Client: Commissario Straordinario Unico per il coordinamento e la realizzazione degli interventi di collettamento, fognatura e depurazione delle acque reflue
Consultant: RINA CECK S.r.l.
The Project consists of the preparation of the detailed design, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning of the revamping and increasing capacity of the existing WWTP of Palermo city.

The works include:
1. Construction of new Inlet facilities (inlet chamber, fine and coarse screens) and revamping of inlet pumping station and grit removal bridges.
2. Rehabilitation of primary sedimentation tanks.
3. Rehabilitation of existing biological section and construction of new sections.
4. Rehabilitation of existing final scraping bridges and construction of new lines.
5. Construction of new disinfection line and water reuse.
6. Construction of new sludge line.
7. Construction of new sludge digestion facilities including gas treatment, storage and cogeneration for energy production.
8. Construction of an air treatment section.
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